Yoga is a form of exercise providing physical and mental relaxation. It focuses on flexibility and strength along with breathing to provide a feeling of physical and mental well being. Yoga can calm the mind and can help with stress and fatigue. Gail Harker has been our Yoga instructor since 2016 and has experience with those who have neurological conditions.

Yoga for people with MS

Yoga is uniquely able to assist people with MS. Its gentle holistic activities, and breathing and meditation techniques, improve and help maintain energy flow with minimal physical effort. Fitness and clarity of mind are improved.

Yoga can also:

•improve posture

•maintain or increase flexibility

•stimulate the body’s systems promoting effective function

•improve strength and flexibility

•gently stretch muscles, enabling them to relax

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To help in the smooth running of the therapy sessions, please ensure you arrive at the Therapy Centre 15 minutes before the session is due to commence. Thank You

What do our members say?

"The Centre gives my husband a sense of camaraderie, It's nice for him to see other men and talk about football and things. I don't think you can put a value on it really."

"The exercises help me to keep my body stretched and pain-free. I can continue to stand, with the use of an aid, and avoid the use of a hoist whilst being transferred."

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