Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that brings together deep breathing, relaxation, and slow, graceful movements. It can help with strength, balance and posture. Our class is run jointly with Swindon Therapy Centre and the local Parkinsons group and is adapted so you can do it seated or standing.

While there's scope for more rigorous research on tai chi's health benefits, studies have shown that Tai Chi can help people aged 65 and over to reduce stress, improve posture, balance and general mobility, and increase muscle strength in the legs.

Some research suggests that Tai Chi can reduce the risk of falls among older adults who are at increased risk.

Frequently Asked Questions


To help in the smooth running of the therapy sessions, please ensure you arrive at the Therapy Centre 15 minutes before the session is due to commence. Thank You

What do our members say?

"The exercises help me to keep my body stretched and pain-free. I can continue to stand, with the use of an aid, and avoid the use of a hoist whilst being transferred."

"It’s the old saying, "use it or lose it". I'm not able to walk normally, so it would be more difficult for me to get exercise, and exercise is good for everyone."

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