Exercise class

45 minute exercise classes one based solely in a chair and others include standing and ability to get on and off mats.

Class Content

Seated and Standing

Class starts with a seated warm up and seated exercises before some use of wall bars for further stretching and exercises. We finish seated again for some stretches and relaxation.

Seated Only

This class is suitable for anyone in a wheelchair or can transfer to one of our own sturdy gym chairs. We use all muscle groups and tailor the class to each individuals ability. The exercises improve posture and retain muscle tone. We use a variety of equipment including weights, swiss balls, physio balls, stability cushions and therabands.

Seated, Standing and Floor Mats

This class is our most intense class due to standing exercises and mat exercises however levels and adaptations can be applied to tailor the class to various abilities. We work through all muscle groups and work on improving posture, retaining flexibility and strengthening our core.

The class starts seated for warm up exercises then progresses to standing at the wallbars before ending the class with mat based exercises including stretches of all major muscle groups and relaxation at the end of the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do our members say?

"The exercises help me to keep my body stretched and pain-free. I can continue to stand, with the use of an aid, and avoid the use of a hoist whilst being transferred."

"Sam believes that by going to an Exercise class each week, he's doing something positive by going to exercise."

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