Exercise class

45 minute exercise classes mainly chair based but members need to be able to stand and get on and off mats.

Class Content

Classes start with a warm up. Then each week exercises change and can include use of wall bars, weights, swiss balls and physio balls.

These exercises use all muscle groups and can be tailored to address any everyday issues members have. The exercises improve posture, retain muscle tone, maintain aerobic fitness and are fun!

The second part of the class is mat based and includes stretches of all major muscle groups and relaxation towards the end of the session. All exercises are tailored to members’ abilities and various options are given for each set of exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions


To help in the smooth running of the therapy sessions, please ensure you arrive at the Therapy Centre 15 minutes before the session is due to commence. Thank You

What do our members say?

"The exercises help me to keep my body stretched and pain-free. I can continue to stand, with the use of an aid, and avoid the use of a hoist whilst being transferred."

"Sam believes that by going to an Exercise class each week, he's doing something positive by going to exercise."

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