It is important to provide help and support for the emotional aspects of MS and all other neurological conditions as well as the physical symptoms. We offer counselling which is open to anyone affected by MS including partners and other family members. Individual sessions allow you to discuss concerns and feelings in a confidential and safe environment.

Also at the Centre you’ll meet many people who understand – numerous long-lasting friendships have begun over a cup of coffee! The Centre also possesses an extensive range of information to enable you to make informed decisions about the condition.

Counselling is an opportunity which allows you to talk about any issues. Our counsellor will help you come to terms with your diagnosis, how it affects your life, your relationships and will help you make changes. Attending counselling will not solve your problems but will give you the tools to enable you to.

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"When you're out here living with MS, it's a very isolated condition. People don't understand. They look at you and think you're alright. They don't know what you're like. They don't know the reality."

"I think I would be very much more depressed without the centre, most definitely. Other than carers, I wouldn't have much contact with other people."

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