Alter G Treadmill

Alter G is a Physiotherapist led session and is only suitable for members who are regularly walking at home and can manages steps/stairs. Unfortunately Alter G is not suitable for wheelchair members, please see other classes.

Alter G is an anti-gravity treadmill developed with NASA technology for rehabilitation using partial body weight. It is ideal for gait/walking training for neurological conditions in a controlled environment.

The Alter G allows low impact walking using air pressure technology.

Members will need to wear neoprene shorts over their own clothes that zip into a pressurized, airtight compartment. This allows us to reduce the member’s body weight to facilitate a better walking pattern by lowering the impact on joints and muscles. It also allows us to facilitate a more normal walking speed for the individual to promote automatic walking and potentially carry over of this when off the treadmill.

The Alter G has a real time camera system attached so members can see their own walking and the Physio can assess and point out altered patterns encouraging a change to improve quality of their walking.

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What do our members say?

"It’s the old saying, "use it or lose it". I'm not able to walk normally, so it would be more difficult for me to get exercise, and exercise is good for everyone."

"The specialist equipment in the Centre’s gym and the sessions with the physiotherapists have been invaluable for my husband. You'd never get that anywhere else, the NHS could not afford that for us. And that really kept him mobile for a lot longer."

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