Everyone who is affected by neurological conditions, needs help and support. Many of those are Carers and family Members and we are very aware of needing to offer services to help. We have increased those services recently to give added support.

Carers Support

Swindon Carers Centre attend regularly and can give support and advice to anyone needing help.


Counselling support is offered to anyone affected by these conditions and gives an opportunity to be able to talk about any problems and issues.

Time out

We offer some internal support for Carers. On an appointment basis, we arrange to look after Members while Carers are able to then have some time to themselves.

What do our members say?

"There's other carers in the same position so when we're having really bad times, I know there's somebody down there who knows exactly how I feel and knows what we're going through."

"It makes you more aware of the problems and their situations, and that helps you in turn as a carer because you're more aware of what people are going through so you can empathise more and then in turn try to understand what you can do to help."

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