Swindon Community Lottery

Swindon Community Lottery launched weekly from December 2019 and we are one of the good causes listed to benefit from this. The tickets, costing £1 each, will be available online at swindonlottery.co.uk or by phone at 01793 969123. When you buy your ticket you can select the good cause that will receive 50% of the ticket money.

Players will pick six digits between 0 and 9 in any combination. Matching all six in the right order will win a jackpot of £25,000. Matching five digits in order will win £2,000, matching four will win £250 and matching three will win £25. Prizes will not be split, so matches are guaranteed the full amount of the prize.

The more tickets that we can encourage our supporters to buy, the more money we will receive from this lottery each year.


What do our members say?

"Coming to the Centre gives me purpose. The purpose I had before was work, but now, without the work, it's not nice."

"Coming to the Centre was just a focus in our lives which we'd lost. I actually now volunteer every Wednesday morning, and that's good for me. I get great satisfaction out of being there."

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