About Us

The centre offers therapies, advice and support to people with MS and other Neurological conditions and their families in Swindon and the local area, being the only Centre of its kind within a 35 - mile radius of Swindon. The Centre plays an invaluable role in the local community since it provides services not available through the National Health Service, indeed many doctors refer patients to the Centre. The group's activities are a lifeline for its many members and their families, who are actively encouraged, through mutual support, to face the reality of Multiple Sclerosis and the possible challenges it brings.

The therapies offered by the Centre are a major contribution to the fight against Neurological conditions. Not only does the group offer support, but also practical solutions to problems and help with day to day living.

What do our members say?

"Accessing the Centre’s services had helped to slow down the progression of my MS. I know that I would deteriorate if I didn't have it."

"I don't feel quite so isolated when I go there. It’s somewhere I can go where everybody's in the same position."

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